Friday, July 25, 2008

We moved!

So I have been meaning to update the blog for quite some time. So much has happened to our little family (which is when it is fun to blog, but I haven't had the time). So here's a little update until I can post some pictures:
--We moved!
We live just walking distance from our apartments. (Yes, we are still renting) It is the cutest little house. We live at 1720 E 7200 S, to be exact.
--Our car broke down so we had to buy another one. I hate car shopping! The last car I got, I bought from a friend and never even looked at another one!
--Roy got a second job. He will be working at Stein Erickson Lodge on the weekends. We are so excited.
--Mercedes is doing so good. She hasn't had any spells in the month of July and only one spell in June. She is walking now and is cuter everyday!