Sunday, February 21, 2010

The last catch up! (there are two more below...)

This is Roy at work. He has been working at Stein Eriksen full-time for more than a year! He loves his job, especially the suit and the tie. I love the discount!

The happy couple! (Cedar city in October)

Roy went deer hunting with my family for the first time this year. To fit in, he bought shrink-to- fit 501's, except he didn't buy them shrink-to-fit! He also bought "a shirt with squares" (a plaid shirt) so that he could match all the other guys on the trip! He had a good time and fit in well!
I would like to say that this is our latest purchase. We bought this double running stroller off KSL so that we can train for the Ragnar Relay together. I convinced Roy that he should join the team. We have had fun training together. However this is not our last purchase. We bought a house this week and will be moving soon! More details to follow, once we know more...

Catch up cont'd!

This is my "happy guy!" He always has this contagious smile on his face. He almost never cries and is the best natured baby. He is such a boy! He is crawling now. He doesn't crawl on his knees, he does the army crawl dragging himself with his left arm and pushing with his right leg. He loves to crawl into the bathroom and play in Mercedes little he gets alot of impromtu baths! He will also play in their room for hours (Mercedes and Lucas share a room and they love it!) Lucas loves dogs! Anytime he can get near a dog he gets "that" smile on his face. Roy has decided that Lucas is Catholic because the only time that he is fussy is when we are at church!
Before Lucas could crawl his favorite place to be was his bouncy chair! He could bounce himself.

Daddy playing dress up again, with an old costume that he found in the closet!
Lucas had a rare lung mass called a "pulmonary sequestration" removed in December. The surgery required removing a third of his lung on the right side. He was in the hospital for five days with a chest tube. The doctors and nurses said they couldn't believe how happy he was! He recovered so quickly and is doing great!

Catch up!

It is time to play catch up. I am not sure how you replay the last five months of your life but I will give it a try.
Mercedes is almost three now and talking so well. Too well at times! Not much spanish, mostly english. She loves to sing and dance. She has a show that she loves to watch (Tarzan II) and her favorite part is the music video at the end that she can sing and dance to! She loves to go to the grocery and asks me everyday if we can go there. She also loves to go swimming and go to church. Mercedes, who we call "Cedes" loves her little brother. She calls him "Lucas Buddy" and they love to play together and crawl around on the floor together. My favorite thing about Mercedes is her daily comment, "Mom, I like you."

Daddy loves to play dress up with Mercedes and do her hair!

We bought this stroller for Mercedes to push her "dolls" around in.