Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Even scarier than a ghost!!!!

So Roy and I moved into a new house this July. We love it, it is a great house and we feel very blessed to live here. We are just renting but it is so much better than the small apartment that we had. There is just one problem...the house was empty for a few months before we moved in, so there are lots of spiders! I find a spider almost daily in our bath tub and a few weeks ago, I am pretty sure, a brown recluse crawled out of the kitchen sink, when I was going to do the dishes. I screamed and Mercedes screamed, it was pure drama. (I sucked it up with the vacuum, because I can't here the crunchy sound when you step on it!) I am pretty jumpy all the time now. I shake everything for spiders and I am scared to get things out of the cupboards for fear that I will find a spider. I pretty much always have the creepy-crawlies. I am even scared to watch TV on the couch, because I just know spiders are lurking close by. Our washer and dryer are in the garage and Roy said he found a huge spider the other day in the laundry pile, so sorting laundry is just down right terrifying. There is one thing that I always do religiously and that is shake my bedding before I go to sleep. So last night I performed my routine and went to bed. This morning Roy got up early to go to work and I was laying there trying to go back to sleep and then the worst thing happened. A spider crawled across my cheek!!!! I felt the tickle on my face and flicked the spider off of me and sat up in time to see it crawl behind my pillow. Luckily Roy was still home because I was hysterical. Roy didn't believe me at first but then he saw the spider. In his words, "it was not a small spider." So at 8:00 sharp I called an exterminator and they were at my house by 9:00 to spray. (I think they came quickly because I started crying when I talked to them on the phone.) So hopefully we are spider free. The guy who sprayed was really nice and very generous with the spray. I already have a hard time sleeping...I am sure things will not be getting better anytime soon. (I am moving the bed at least a few feet from the window for the next while). I HATE SPIDERS!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Do you believe in ghosts?

So my family (my mom, brother and perhaps father) believe that maybe they have a ghost living in their house. What do you think? My mom found dirt on the floor of the house a couple of weeks ago and she was the last to leave and the first to come home. (They called everyone with a key and no one had come over.)
Then a couple of nights ago my mom was in the bathtub and heard the dryer turn off. Then she heard the door to the dryer slam shut and then turn back on, so she went downstairs to ask my brother about it. He said he thought it was my mom and vice versa. So my brother loaded his gun (yes, I know a very dumb idea, we have talked about it and he won't do it again) and they went looking through the house (my mom yelling "come out, we have a gun" lol) . They didn't find anything downstairs so they went upstairs looking. When they were upstairs they heard a crash downstairs, so they woke my dad up. They didn't find anything but no one slept well that night. The next day, my mom's day off, she went to my sisters because she didn't want to be home alone. They ruled out the possibility of a racoon or squirrel because there are no droppings in the house and squirrels or raccoons don't turn dryers on and off.
Then on Sunday night when they came home a cup of pens and pencils was turned over in the kitchen and the clock on the bathroom wall was knocked off onto the floor.
Practical joke or ghost? What do you think?

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Where do I even begin?!?

am not even sure where to begin. I can't believe I have not updated our blog since July? That's what working night shift will do to you...turn you into a slug! We have done a little bit of everything from camping to Raging Waters, birthday parties and of course...a whole lot of nothing. When you work every other night you either sleep to go to work or sleep because you are recovering from work. I am growing to hate it.

Roy has been working so hard too. He works 7 days a week. We basically have two nights off together a week! We know it is hopefully just a temporary thing and we are counting our blessings. Roy loves his job at Stein and Mercedes and I are just glad that he is finally doing something that he likes. So here are some pictures of summer adventures! I can't believe that summer is over?!?