Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Everybody will know who is writing this time, because my English is not really good yet. My apologies if I wrote something not right. But with a little time I put a few pictures together from Tracie and I, my favorite song, imagination and all my love to make this video, and here it is.
I met Tracie in 2004 in Peru and all the time I was feeling I knew her from another place. After all these years and through these lines I want say to her “I Love You Sweet Heart” thank you for being a wonderful mother, good friend, lovely wife and my beautiful eternal companion. Please forgive me if sometimes I’m a Jerk, but Peruvians are not perfect, I will be do my best to some day become a person like you. With love … your husband
Thank you guys for always reading our Blog and writing to us. My best wishes to all.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Last night we took Mercedes swimming and she loved it! What can I say, my kid is an animal. She seriously had out-of-control fun! She didn't even care if she got her face wet! When we took her out of the water she was so cold and hungry! What a great way to get a fussy eater to eat! Needless to say she is worn out today. Note: there are no pictures of me, I was worried someone would yell, "Free Willey!" if I put myself in a swimsuit.
Our latest battle has been getting Mercedes to take her iron. She is iron deficient again and therefore required to take a massive amount of iron on a daily basis. She hates it. It is a battle everyday for us. She sees me coming with it and instantly begins to cry. Does anyone have any suggestions for getting your kids to take medicine that they don't like? I have tried hiding it in food and drinks and bribery and just about everything else you can imagine. I even had the pharmacy flavor it for me. She is just too smart for all of it. So I pretty much just have to force it down her. I have a new Iron supplement on the way and I am praying that it will work, but for now, morning times are no fun at our house:(
Lucas is also doing well (the baby on the way). He is growing well and improving with each ultrasound. As some of you know he has a very small mass in his lung. We are watching it very carefully and the past few ultrasounds have shown that it is actually getting smaller. There is a small chance that it will just disappear before birth. If not he will require surgery at some point down the road (3 to 6 months after birth) to remove it. For now we are just counting our blessings and are very hopeful that things will turn out okay! We are mostly just excited for his arrival. We can't wait for him to join our family!