Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A little more...

A little more from Mercedes two years birthday...
Tracie is nervious becouse I'm thinking in her Sweet 16 already...I have a few cool ideas from the TV show...
The funny think is when Mercedes want something, and her mama sey NO... she turn in me with her cute face ... guys I can't resist ... I think we have a problem here...ups. ROY

Two years birthday

Thinking in Mercedes and her Latin side, I make everything posible to turn her two years bithday the most colorfully and fun party for my girl, with a litle time of sleep and a lot of paiper in my hands... here It is my decoration... Mercedes was sleeping the prevous night with Sherrie, and my job was make a big sorprice for her, so I put everywere something from ELMO her favorite guy, after her daddy of course. and here it is... Happy Birthday Mercedes... ROY

ELMO's party for Mercedes

Mercedes ELMO's party, I can't belive it, my litle girl is two years older now... ROY

Monday, April 27, 2009

Sherrie and Me

Here the other woman in my life.. my mother-in-law Sherrie.. after married with Tracie. also I married with her jajaja. Tracie and she, are the best friends forever ...The nice thinks that I love, is her suport and love for Mercedes and also the FREE babysitter... that's great. I love Sherrie she's a perfect mom the 99.9% , and in the other 0.01% some times I want to live her for a couple weeks in a Native tribe in the midle of the Amazon jungle...jajaja only for a couple weeks ...

What do you think guys, you have the same feelings with your mother-in-low...come in is only for a couple weeks...!!! I LOVE YOU SHERRIE... you know that ...Thanks for everything. and the Jungle it's not realy bad...ROY

Gateway Mall

Nice picture... from our local adventure to Gateway Mall in Salt Lake. So much to do ...jejeje
I think Mercedes was more happy with the Children museum. ROY

Fiesta time in Park City

Fiesta time...
Great company party for closing the ski season at Stein Eriksen Lodge, in Park City the last April 7th, I enjoy so much this party....everything in the caribbean style... OHHHH for one moment I was in home. Music, nice place, geat food, nice decoration, nice people...real party in Utah. so fun. VIVA LA FIESTA ... ROY

Family Easter

Here we are... My cute wife, super hot and sexy wit her 8 months 3 weeks of love for our second baby... Mi princess with her big smile, Lucas my guy in the picture also, and ELMO, part of our family alredy ... ROY

Mercesdes and Easter

Our Mercedes was really happy with all Easter idea.
in this time she's really mama and papa's girl ... I belive she's more papa's girl but please don't tell Tracie..jejeje.. ROY

Easter in grandma's house

Ready to Easter, also ELMO's basquet for Mercedes. she love ELMO and we believe ELMO love Mercedes... We wach ELMO's videos two or three times a day ...! I can't belive it ... ROY